CAP Frequently Asked Questions

What counts toward the required 100 hours of CE?

At least 50 of the 100 required hours must be COPE-approved CE or CE earned from completing CAP assessments. Up to 50 hours may be from non-COPE activities such as vendor presentations, procedure observations, grand rounds, supervising residents or externs and authoring articles. For a complete overview of the CE point guide system, click here.

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ABO also offers up to 51 free CE credits through our quarterly webinar series and successful completion of each mini-assessment.

Can I carry over extra CE from one 4-year cycle to the next?

No, CE may not be carried over.

Do SAMs have to be completed in certain years?

No, SAMs may be completed at any time prior to the 3 year evaluation.

Does the Quality Improvement Activity (QIA) need to be completed in a certain year?

No, the QIA may be completed at any time prior to the 3 year evaluation.

How do the mini-assessments work?
  • Each assessment is 25 questions in length
  • Use your own computer or mobile device to access through your Learning Plan page
  • Take it at a time and place that is convenient for you
  • Topics and references are provided in advance
  • Questions are timed at 10 minutes each
  • Outside sources may be used to answer questions, however, you may not solicit the help of others
  • Each assessment will be available for 4 months
  • Pause and restart the assessment at any time between questions
  • Receive immediate feedback after each question
  • Successful completion of each assessment will earn you 3 Category 1 CE points
Is there a fee to participate in MOC?

Yes. There is an annual fee of $225 due each January 1st. This fee covers program essentials including:

  • Portal access to all ABO MOC activities and personal Learning Plan page to track status
  • Developing SAMs and maintaining SAM and PPM library
  • Access to COPE-approved quarterly webinars
  • Verifications provided for all third-party requests
  • Developing CAP assessments, which eliminates the cost of taking a secure examination every 10 years
  • Administration of program elements
What if I have not met one or more of the requirements at the end of my 3 year evaluation period?

If one or more of the requirements are not met by the end of the 3 year evaluation period, Diplomates will use the 4th year as a remediation year, during which all outstanding requirements will need to be completed. At the end of the remediation year, if all requirements have been met, Diplomates will begin a new 4-year MOC cycle the following year.



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By going through the voluntary process of becoming board certified, our Diplomates demonstrate competence beyond entry level.

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