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March 14, 2023

As part of the recent revamping and streamlining of the MOC program, ABO eliminated the requirement of two self-assessment modules (SAMs) per MOC cycle. This change aligns with the new American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) standards that combine “Lifetime Learning and Self-Assessment” and “Assessment of Knowledge, Judgement and Skills” into a single “Lifelong Learning” category. This change in ABMS standards reflects the widespread adoption of continuous assessment models (such as ABO’s CAP) that emphasize the use of assessments as learning opportunities. 

Although the requirement was dropped, we chose not to eliminate the SAMs entirely as many ABO Diplomates really enjoy these modules. Over 2/3 of Diplomates who responded to last year’s survey indicated that SAMs are a valuable learning tool. The MOC Committee recommended keeping the SAMs and awarding Category 2 CE points to Diplomates who complete these modules. This led to the creation of a new sub-category of Category 2 CE called “Self-guided Learning Modules.” Also included in this sub-category are the AMA’s STEPS Forward modules and the HHS’s Culturally Competent Care module, both formerly available as “alternate PPMs” under previous MOC requirement guidelines. The number of Category 2 CE credits earned per module varies depending on its length and the estimated amount of time required to complete the module.

ABO is excited about the potential to offer more self-guided learning activities and we’re calling on our Diplomates to help create an extensive library of offerings. We envision creating short modules comprised of 5-10 questions that are based on patient cases, journal articles, PowerPoint presentations or videos. These modules will provide opportunities for Diplomates to gain new knowledge, to reinforce existing diagnostic strategies or treatment modalities, or to highlight an area of expertise. All modules will be peer-reviewed and evidence-based to ensure that Diplomates receive high-quality educational content.

Diplomates who are interested in developing a self-guided learning module are encouraged to contact Dr. Cathy Hines at [email protected] with a brief description that includes the basis for the module (patient case, journal article, video, etc.) and the learning points. Diplomates who develop learning modules will be able to earn Category 2 MOC points for the time they devote to development, up to 20 credit hours per year. This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with your colleagues while simultaneously fulfilling your MOC requirements!



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