Am I Being Graded?

July 25, 2016

Pass_fail imageDiplomates frequently ask the ABO staff how the results of the SAMs and PPMs are used.

Feedback is an essential component of the learning process, and Self-Assessment Modules (SAMs) provide diplomates with valuable feedback about their knowledge and understanding of a specific topic. These modules are not scored in any way, nor are the results recorded or reported.

Numerous references are included with each module, and many of these can be accessed online.  At the beginning of each SAM, two or three references are listed under the heading “Documents for review prior to assessment.”  These are comprehensive articles that will provide an excellent overview of that SAM’s topic.  Diplomates who wish to refresh their knowledge of the topic prior to the assessment are encouraged to review these articles.

Diplomates who want to assess their current level of knowledge may choose to complete the assessment before consulting the references.  If the assessment identifies areas of weakness or gaps in knowledge, diplomates may then use the references as guides to enhance and strengthen their current knowledge.

The results of the Performance in Practice Modules (PPMs) are also not scored, recorded or reported in any way.  PPMs are designed as an opportunity for diplomates to apply evidence-based or consensus-based recommendations to improve patient care within their practices.  PPMs provide a framework for Diplomates to initiate changes in patient care and to monitor the success and/or the impact of those changes and then compare their results to their peers and to other health professionals.

The ABO is currently exploring alternate models for PPMs that will allow Diplomates to tailor the modules to be more relevant and applicable to their specific patient population and practice modality. Additional information on these alternate models will be available soon.



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