4.2.1 Credit Card Policy


To financially benefit the ABO, a credit card has been established with which ABO staff can make purchases for the organization. The credit card is for business use only and may be used when deemed appropriate for various financial transactions.


  1. The Executive Director has the power to issue credit cards to select Directors and staff.
  2. Receipts are required for each transaction made on the ABO credit card for record purposes.
  3. The credit card is the property of the ABO, not the cardholder, and user privileges can be rescinded at any time.
  4. The monthly credit card statement must be submitted to the ABO Operations Manager promptly for payment.
  5. The cardholder is responsible for the security of the credit card. This includes signing the back of the credit card, contacting the credit card company regarding suspect transactions personally, notifying the credit card company in the case of loss, cutting up expired or canceled cards and other measures to keep the ABO line of credit safe.