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October 13, 2016

NewsCongratulations to our Newest Diplomates! We have 52 new Diplomates who passed the July 2016 exam. Please join us in congratulating Dr. So Yeon Lee Tse, Dr. Jennifer Snyder, Dr. Julia Canestraro, Dr. Emily Bruce, Dr. Janice Pierce, Dr. Misty Watters, Dr. Kimberley Poirier, Dr. May Jarkas, Dr. Serena Sukhija, Dr. Christian Jordan, Dr. Jasmine Yumori, Dr. Joanne Smith, Dr. Forrest Messerschmidt, Dr. Padhmalatha Segu, Dr. Jenelle Mallios, Dr. Joanna Gebhardt, Dr. Prashant Ankola, Dr. Melanie Peeler, Dr. Len Koh, Dr. Jamie Johnsom, Dr. Melissa Suckow, Dr. Eric Woo, Dr. Taylor Kiser, Dr. Kaila Osmotherly, Dr. Scott Melling, Dr. William White, Dr. Debra Quick, Dr. Tracy Nguyen, Dr. Brianne Hobbs, Dr. Annette Bade, Dr. Felicia Timmerman, Dr. David Britton, Dr. Zulmaris Torres, Dr. Rachel Grant, Dr. Dayna Helvick, Dr. Mary Emmick, Dr. Dustin Mitchell, Dr. Danica Marrelli, Dr. Tammy Ngo, Dr. Robert Chun, Dr. Erin Brooks, Dr. Derek Tong, Dr. Andrea Radtke Jordan, Dr. Jessica Steen, Dr. Matthew Larson, Dr. Kaira Kwong, Dr. Michael Kozlowski, Dr. Laine Higa, Dr. Matthew Bovenzi, Dr. Matt Valdes, Dr. Jennifer Hue and Dr. Kyle Sandberg.

Attending Academy in November? Stop by and see us at booth 932! We can answer any questions you have about taking the exam, meeting MOC requirements, completing a PPM or paying MOC fees. We will also be giving away a GoPro to one lucky winner who stops by to enter our booth raffle! Academy is a great place to obtain high-quality CE hours, which can all be used towards your post-graduate or MOC requirements.

Kudos to Dr. Hilary Hawthorne who was featured in an August 22, 2016 article in The Atlantic. The article, I, Doctor, profiles Dr. Hawthorne’s more than two decade career as an optometrist.

MOC Reminder! Don’t get behind on maintaining your MOC requirements. Remember to do your annual module and enter all CE into your Learning Builder portal. And if this is the year you are doing a PPM, remember it could take 30-90 days complete. Allow yourself plenty of time! If you do get behind on requirements, give us a call at 314-983-4226 and we can help you catch up.

CE Tip. With the end of the year approaching, everyone is scrambling to get their CE entered. Just a reminder that you can enter your CE in groups. You do not need to enter each individual course when attending CE events. For example, you attend Optometry’s Meeting and take a total of 28 CE hours. Just enter the name of the event, Optometry’s Meeting 2016, the sponsor, AOA, the date and the total of 28 hours. This will save you lots of time!

CEWire 2017 is coming on January 28th and 29th and ABO Diplomates will again be offered a $30 discount. Simply use the discount code “ABO” when registering. If you can’t attend the live events, the courses will be available online and on demand through May 1, 2017. To find out when registration opens, please click here.



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Jul 25, 2024 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm CDT
Join us on Thursday, July 25th when Susan Resnick, OD, presents a course on Contact Lens Management of Presbyopia. Dr....
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