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July 30, 2020

Halfway through our second year of CAP, the feedback and assessment results indicate that most Diplomates are getting comfortable with the process. However, there are a few questions that continue to be asked. Our most frequently asked questions are answered here.

What happens if I miss or fail an assessment? CAP is designed to allow for flexibility. Over the course of 3 years, there will be 9 CAP assessments. You must pass 7 of the assessments to move on to a new MOC cycle. If at the end of 3 years you have passed 7 assessments and met all other MOC requirements, then you will have a “free” 4th year where no requirements are due before beginning a new MOC cycle the following year. If you have not passed 7 assessments or completed all other requirements, then you will have the opportunity to remediate in the 4th year and retake up to 3 CAP assessments or complete other requirements such as additional CE or SAMs.

If I fail a CAP assessment can I take it again right away instead of waiting until the end of my MOC cycle? No. You will only need to repeat an assessment if you have not passed 7 at the end of your 3-year cycle. Repeating the assessment immediately using the same assessment form introduces test bias and does not allow for an accurate measurement of knowledge. Diplomates are, however, provided with feedback for each incorrect answer which directs them back to the references materials for additional reading on the topic.

Where do I find the references for reading prior to taking each assessment? The reference articles are always located in the instructions. You must go into the assessment and click “start” to see the instructions with the link to the references. This does not start the questions. You can print the references to study and keep them with you while taking the assessment.

How long do I have to answer each question? Initially, Diplomates were given 5 minutes to answer each question on an assessment. After reviewing results from our January 2020 CAP Survey, the decision was made to increase the time limit per question to 10 minutes. This increase is in line with other ABMS boards that utilize an article-based approach to continuous assessments. This change took effect with the current assessment, Anterior Segment II and will continue with future assessments.

Where can I find the reference documents after I have completed the assessment in case I want to do further reading? We are in the process of adding all documents to a new section of that will only be accessible to Diplomates. This new page will contain all references for both CAP assessments, SAMs and webinars, as well as a syllabus and results summary for each assessment. We anticipate this new section will be available in August.

How can I keep track of my score while taking an assessment? The assessment system only tracks completed answers as you work through it, not whether the completed question was answered correctly or incorrectly. If you want to track your progress while taking the assessment, you will need to keep count of incorrect answers as you go. You can also click on the Reflective Feedback Report to see which questions you answered incorrectly and the feedback for each. See screenshot below.



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