MOC Navigation Tips

March 14, 2023

Recent changes to the MOC program, including enhancements to the user interface, have resulted in a steady stream of inquiries for ABO office staff. From locating the CAP assessments to printing a new Diplomate certificate, we have the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

How do I navigate to my learning plan page?

Log in with your user ID and password and you will land on the My Learning Plans page.  If you do not land on the Maintenance of Certification tab, click to open it. After the Maintenance of Certification tab loads, click the orange Open button to access your current learning plan page.

Where are the CAP Assessments?

To access the CAP assessment, log in and navigate to your learning plan page. Scroll down to the CAP Assessment section and click the “+” icon to expand the section.

How do I make an MOC payment?

Log in with your user ID and password and you will land on the My Learning Plans page.  If you do not land on the MOC Payments tab, click to open it. Once the MOC payments tab loads, click the orange Pay Fees button and follow the directions.

How do I change my password, update my personal information or print a copy of my Diplomate certificate?

To access account information, click on My Account in the upper right navigation menu. From that page, you can click to Change your password, Edit your personal information or Download Certificate to print a copy of your Diplomate certificate.

Now that you can better navigate around, here are a few other questions we have been asked.

Where are the SAMs?

The requirement to complete 2 SAMs has been eliminated from MOC. However, you can still choose to do a SAM for CE credit. SAMs, as well as other learning modules, are available under Category 2: Self-Guided Learning Modules. Point values are listed next to each module and Diplomates may complete as many as desired.

Where can I find the references for the CAP assessments?

The references for each CAP assessment are always located in the first paragraph of the instructions. Open the CAP, click to begin and find the references link in the first paragraph when reading the instructions. References may also be accessed by logging into ABO’s website, navigating to My Dashboard and clicking on the View Learning Materials button in the References box.

Can I count CE I earn in my “Free Year” toward my next MOC cycle?

CE must be dated between the start and end date of each MOC cycle. Your 4th, or “Free Year” of MOC is still a part of your current MOC cycle, even though you have completed all requirements. Any CE taken during this year cannot count for a future MOC cycle. There are a few exceptions to that rule, including earning an advanced degree, completing a course for scope expansion or new skills certification or development of a COPE-accredited course.

What is a CEE course?

A CEE course is a transcript quality (TQ) course that is live, at least 2 hours in length, includes a post-course exam and must be sponsored by an accredited school of optometry, medicine, pharmacy or osteopathy. If you are unsure whether a course is a CEE course, please refer to the course lookup tool on ARBO’s website.



Check Board Certification Status

By going through the voluntary process of becoming board certified, our Diplomates demonstrate competence beyond entry level.

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