Making MOC Activities Count

October 29, 2020
Continuing Education

With almost ninety percent of Diplomates now participating in the CAP program, most are familiar with the preparation needed to successfully complete the triannual assessments. On average, Diplomates indicate they are spending 3-6 hours preparing for and taking each one. Survey results from the assessments also indicate that a large majority of Diplomates are gaining new knowledge from the reference materials and applying it in their daily practice for better patient care.

ABO recognizes the intrinsic value in preparing for and completing CAP assessments and is working hard to ensure all Diplomates receive credit for their efforts. Each CAP assessment passed earns 3 Category 1 CE points that are automatically added to a Diplomate’s CE totals for MOC. This information is also passed to COPE for inclusion in OE Tracker. All Diplomates who have provided an accurate OE Tracker number should see completed CAP assessments in their record beginning with Anterior Segment II.

ABO is also working to get CAP assessments universally approved for state CE requirements through individual state board approval, university endorsement and ultimately COPE approval. While many of these approval processes can be lengthy and are expected to take some time, we are excited to share that nine states are now accepting the assessments toward CE requirements. Those states include Alabama, California, Colorado, Kansas, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Texas and Washington. We are making progress in other states and will continue to work on behalf of our Diplomates.

In addition to CAP assessments, ABO offers four COPE-approved webinars annually for a total of eight CE hours. These webinars are free to all Diplomates and Candidates and can be attended as a live, interactive online event or watched in recorded version after the live event. Although many states limit the number of online hours that may be used to meet CE requirements, the current COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in loosening requirements in most states. We are hopeful that states may continue to accept more online CE as we move forward, especially live webinar events where interaction can occur.

Attaining board certification and choosing to continually demonstrate learning through a maintenance of certification program requires an effort of time and dedication. ABO appreciates this commitment to excellence and will continue to work to make sure the value of the CAP experience is recognized by state boards and the greater profession.



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By going through the voluntary process of becoming board certified, our Diplomates demonstrate competence beyond entry level.

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