Type of Corporation; Purposes

Section 2.1 Type of Corporation
The Corporation is a mutual benefit corporation. Such designation is made solely for the purposes of Section 355.096.2(2) of the Act.

Section 2.2 Purposes Stated in Articles
The purposes of the Corporation shall be those nonprofit purposes stated in the Articles of Incorporation, which purposes shall be carried out and implemented subject to and in accordance with the following:

  • The Corporation will oversee a process for board certification of optometry.
  • Certification will not confer legal qualification, privilege, or license to practice optometry.
  • The Corporation will not in any way interfere with or limit the professional activities of any duly licensed optometrist who is not certified by the Corporation.
  • The Corporation will not interfere with other currently established optometric sub-specialty certifications or credentials such as Fellowship in the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, Fellowship in the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association, and Diplomate programs of the American Academy of Optometry.
  • Certification and maintenance of certification for optometry will be established by the Corporation as a means of demonstrating ongoing clinical competence independent of established licensing and regulatory boards.
  • The Board of Directors may from time to time, as may be necessary for the proper conduct of examinations for certification, appoint examiners or employ other qualified agencies or organizations to design, conduct, and evaluate examinations.
  • Each candidate for certification must satisfy standards and conditions of eligibility as established by the Board of Directors. The policies, procedures, rules, regulations and standards regarding eligibility for certification, as well as recertification and revocation of certification, shall be established by the Board  of Directors.

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