ABO Gaining Profession-Wide Support

May 10, 2012

The American Board of Optometry would like to sincerely thank the profession for supporting us during the growth years of our organization. As our network of Diplomates expands, the ABO community grows stronger.

Dedication to lifelong learning is what optometry was built on, from the years of gaining diagnostics and therapeutics to our modern day and ever-expanding practice. We encourage you to review what you know, stay up on new developments and apply both to elevate the level of care you provide to patients.  Participate with us, and demonstrate to your patients that your expertise is not static or stagnant.

Despite distorted claims by a vocal minority group that “optometrists say ‘No Thanks’ to ABO Board Certification,” we have experienced a significant increase in applicants and interest in recent months. Many candidates have already signed up for the July 2012, exam, and more intend to take it in January or July of 2013, as the Phase-In Rules expire next year.

Behind the negative blogs and e-blasts of the opposition is an underlying fear of taking on a new challenge and not passing an exam.  As evidenced by the number of ODs nationwide who claim on their websites and business cards that they are board certified, it is apparent that most optometrists would like to have a credentialing certification. Curious as it is, persons and an organization connected to the same group that are trying to block the profession from having voluntary access to board certification are attempting to start their own “certification” process!

Becoming a Diplomate doesn’t mean you are smarter or superior in any way to anyone else, but it does mean that you have reviewed what you know, kept up on new developments and committed yourself to a process of lifelong learning, demonstrating to your patients that you are the best clinician you can be.

We strive to provide the optometric profession with additional resources and news on ABO Board Certification. Learn more about board certification today.



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By going through the voluntary process of becoming board certified, our Diplomates demonstrate competence beyond entry level.

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