Website Update

The redesign of the ABO website is moving ahead as planned and we have moved the launch date up from the end of the year to mid-summer. The design has been finalized and content development is underway. We plan to add several new features including a calendar to highlight important dates such as upcoming webinars and CAP assessments. There will also be a section for volunteering with ABO and a new section for the general public to find out about the benefits of choosing a Board Certified optometrist.

As a reminder, we have already made a change to the existing login page. There are now two separate login areas, one for Diplomates & Candidates and one for Non-Diplomates. As a Diplomate, make sure you are using the correct login area by clicking on the “Log in with Learning Builder” button. If you receive an error message that your email address is not found after trying to log in, you are using the wrong login area. Only Non-Diplomates who want to purchase webinars will use the Non-Diplomate login area.