New SAMs Released

CE imageOur SAM library continues to grow with the release of two new modules from our partnership with Optocase. Both modules were released in January and are available on all Learning Plans. Following is a brief description of each module.

Corneal Abrasions – Learning objectives include a review of the anatomy and principals of wound healing relevant to corneal abrasions, various treatment modalities and discussion of recommendations with respect to follow-up care.

Diabetic Macular Edema (DME) – This module focuses on the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of DME, with a special focus on the use of anti-VEGF agents.

A third new SAM will be released by mid-February on the topic of Retinal Vein Occlusion (RVO). This module will focus on the epidemiology, pathophysiology and findings of RVO as well as treatment options and a review of the CRYSTAL trial.

As always, you may also elect to follow-up the SAM by taking the corresponding course from Optocase and earn 2-3 hours of COPE approved CE.  Simply visit www.optocase.com to select the case, pay the fee and complete the course.