Update from our Chair on PhysicianCompare

BarbaraCMS has developed a new website called PhysicianCompare, where they post physician information including quality measures that CMS has defined. When patients sign up for Medicare, they are referred to the PhysicianCompare website to make their choice of doctor. About PhysicianCompare

On that website, Board Certified physicians are defined for the patient as “experts” in their specialty. Maintenance of Certification is listed as a “quality activity,” a voluntary activity that, in their words, indicates that health care professionals have a commitment to quality care.

On PhysicianCompare, optometrists are defined as physicians, and because ABO board certification has been accepted as equivalent to board certification by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), only ABO Board Certified optometrists are listed as board certified.

Here’s what that means: The next time someone– a potential employer, an insurer, a hospital granting privileges, a physician to whom you’re referring or who is referring to you, one of your patients– the next time ANYONE asks you if Optometry has a board certification program like medicine, … the answer to that question is yes.

Once you’ve taken and passed the ABO Board certification exam, Medicare patients looking for an optometrist on the CMS or PhysicianCompare websites, and all patients who use the Healthgrades rating site will be able to find you by the distinction “board certified.”